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Hi to all membes and the to all film makers from every ware.
I want to ask please, which system is able to use the curve generated data and export it to a software like Maya, Cinema 4d, or Iclone Daz 3D as a camera, and using the axis coordonates data from the kessler drive, the compositing will open so many possibilities of emphasizing what ever needs we have. However I believe that it should be a system under kessler name or anything, maby I dont know, but I will much appreciate any information that will get me closer to getting that data out.
How about: A slider, and a mounting head to allow pan, tilt its more then enough for now. The slider and head are mostly like manual slider and head but each move you make at the position of the slider or pan and tilt the slider will record the data when you record the data you press record data button and each move you take it will be recorded and a clock will start showing how long our timeline becomes. after you did all your panning tilting and slider positioning asuming you was also recording something.

When you finished press end recording and the clock will stop . and the data will be stored.
Now its the fun part.
We take the data, we open Cinema 4D, we go to plugins and we find kessles data encoder. option and when you click on the plugin a camera will pop in the 3 axis space and you will be asked for the data.
Browse to were you stored that data and load the file. Now when you presss F8 or play you will see the camera acting same way as you did the recording using the data generated by the kessler slider. This should be simple, cheap, efficient. and So the power can be in the hands of one person. Making things much fasted much simpler, and possible by only one person.
I know some of you would say ... Yeah but you can do tracking camera... Yeas I could but I prefer to have the data rather then scrubbing pins in my pixels for hours. when I can also do projection mapping to a new form of work.
I Hope someone can help me figure this out. Thank you and kessler cinedrive has been added in my set of skills.

Iancov Marian

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I second this. I'd love to be able to read the axis data in some way that I could feed it into nuke, PFTrack or anything else.

I don't expect this to be a replacement for camera tracking but it would still be great to be able to read.

Toby Angwin 1 vote

... Yes, me too. That's exactly the workflow I wish, please make this true!
I use Cinema 4D it would be fantastic.

Bruno Agnoli 1 vote