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The Stealth slider needs a brake

The Stealth is great, very smooth, especially with the flywheel.
However, there is one element that is sorrily missing from this slider:
A brake that keeps the carriage solidly in place. The tension knob
does not do a good job for this, even if you tighten it down all the
way. If you walk around with the slider and camera/head attached to it,
the carriage will move around. Also, if you want to get some pan & tilt
shots (with the head attached to the slider and the carriage in a fixed
position), the carriage is not stable. It twists from side to side under
the torque of the pan action. This is also true when panning and doing a slide move simultaneously, but less so.

If a dedicated brake was part of the carriage (as it on most sliders), it would allow us to securely lock it in place when moving the slider around on location or prevent the carriage from twisting when doing a pan.

The Stealth is of the only sliders that doesn't come with a brake as a standard feature. Its ridiculous that you have to buy it separately (especially at this price point), not to mention that the one they do offer separately is pretty cheap compared to the quality build of the Stealth.

Claude Latour

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Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated. I will review with the development team about the possibility of implementing the integrated brake system that we use for the PD3.Thanks

Chris Beller

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I would strongly "second" this. I recently spent a $ignificant amount on a Second Shooter system, two Kwik releases and a Stealth traveler. Love it so far BUT-- Blown away that there was no way to lock the slide carriage. Huge confidence issue for those of us that shoot run & gun stuff. I have a FS7 rig on my Stealth, sometimes topping out at 10 lbs plus a small fluid head and that tension knob is worthless (plastic?) My cheapo $250 Igus DIY kit had a lock! Bizzare. Everything else about this slider is top notch. For Pete's sake, I think I could throw those Kwik plate off a truck and run them over with a bulldozer and they'd be fine! But a slide carriage lock is definitely a "standard equipment" sort of design feature and I can't understand why there isn't one already.

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