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Oracle Controller: Smartlapse "Jittery' or "shaky" when recording

Using an Oracle Handset with the latest firmware just installed by Kessler w/elekra drive motor on a Phillip Bloom pocket dolly:

When recording a smartlapse the movement/slide of the head becomes very "jittery" or "shaky." When I'm just using the slider outside of smartlapse the motion is very smooth.

Tried recording move with and without a camera (i.e. removing the extra weight) and the problem is still there.

Any advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance


Keith Bainton

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HI Keith,

When in SmartLapse the motors are sent pulses of power rather than a continuous stream like with doing a live move, the controller records the number of pulses needed to complete the move you are programming. The higher the speed setting the larger the pulses will be, for smooth playback we recommend a speed of around 180 for slider motors and between 60-90 for a Revolution/ Rev2 head when in SmartLapse.

Tim Hiatt

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