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"Active Lash Compensation Mode"

Just an idea for the Second Shooter Lash compensation. Something that is sorely missing is the ability to put the SS into an active "Mode" inside the Lash Compensation menu. For example, if I am trying to dial in the Pan Lash, I should be able to set keyframes for the slide and pan, and have the slider in motion from WITHIN the lash compensation menu. Currently, it takes 26 button clicks to test a lash compensation setting and see if it worked. This is a terrible user experience for trying to adjust something that might take many experiments. Could easily need to click buttons hundreds of times just to get it right. INSTEAD, I should be able to make the slider and pan active from within the calibration menu, and make my lash changes WHILE the slider/pan are moving. Literally no extra clicks at all instead of possibly hundreds of clicks and a ton of wasted time.

Matthew Abourezk

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That feature is already there.
When you are in the screen to edit the values of the lash compensation, hold the SHIFT button while make the adjustment and it will slowly move the motor back and forth to test the lash. You want to adjust it until you just see it move, then back it off a little. Thanks

Chris Beller

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Thanks Chris...That'll make things easier. just another comment that this should be in the instructions somewhere.

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