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Hello all,

 I'm having serious issues with my CineDrive system. I drove down to Virginia from NY this week to shoot a wedding tomorrow and of course when I need the system the most it goes haywire. 
          Last night I went into the town square to shoot some time-lapse and the Slider axis became unresponsive followed by a "Short circuit protection"  but the motor current meter in my KOS app showed nominal readings. I rebooted the system and had the same problem a second time so packed up and went home. 
            This morning I inspected the 2 foot cable connecting the slider MCB to the brain both visually and with a volt meter and could find no indication of a short. 
         *** Following the inspection I updated my firmware to V and now I noticed that the green LED on my slider MCB (VII) is no longer lit. I'm wondering if there is a problem inside the MCB or if the firmware update shut it off permanently.

**** The second thing I noticed after the firmware update is that the motor current meter in the KOS app is now holding steady above 6000 on all three axis. Is this a glitch or an accurate reading?
I have been running a basic 3 axis move on the slider/pan/tilt axis and have not been able to replicate any issues that transpired last night. I depend on this setup 110% and cannot keep having these issues when I need it the most


                Jeremy Raco 

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Sorry you encountered problems Jeremy. If you ever have problems, please contact our support team directly by opening a support ticket or emailing, so it will open a ticket in our system and the proper support team members can assist you.

If I understand, it sounds like the issues are no longer occurring. If there is still a problem, please email Support, you can also copy my direct email as well (

If the issue is no longer happening, I would still like to review after your shoot, so we can try to determine what occurred, if you could please drop us an email, so we can open a ticket and work with you.


Chris Beller

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