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CineDrive driven Time lapse / Realtime 20ft slide

I am trying to execute a 20ft slide shot with the shuttle pod dolly and Cinedrive system. The shot is complex as it is a combination of realtime and time lapse.
It will be broken down into five 4 second sections resulting in a 20sec video.
The first 4 secs are in realtime as we see an action in a party scene. As we hit the for sec mark the video will ramp up into a 4sec time lapse of the party (roughly 30mins of footage to equal 4 secs) then ramp down to another action in 4 secs of realtime, followed by another 4 sec time lapse of the party and finally ramping down to 4secs of realtime as we close out the shot. I want the slide to feel like one continuous slide. So i feel as if the dolly needs to move quickly for the realtime portions and slow down for the time lapse portions. Any insights or tips on how i would program the Cinedrive for this move? Any info or recos would be greatly appreciated.

Dante Crisafulli

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