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Outrigger Legs Coming Loose

I have a pair of outrigger legs for my CineSlider and the things are always coming loose. There is no way to get in torque on the screw in "bolt" to get it really tight.
I have tried lock washer as well with about a 5Z% improvement. Getting tired of monkeying with the legs every time I move location. Any ideas on how to lock these things on more solidly?

Mike Petty

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Hi Mike,

We're sorry to hear that you are having some troubles with the Outrigger Feet and would be more than happy to help.

Would you mind taking a few photos and a short video (like from a cell phone) of your set up and what you are seeing with the feet and emailing them to ? This will get a support ticket started for you and we will be able to better troubleshoot once seeing what is going on.

Tim Hiatt

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