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Start/End point accuracy issues

I've been testing my unit at home and am finding that the start and end points drift from where I originally set them.

In one of my tests I mounted a laser pointer to the pan/tilt unit, and set that up on a tripod. I set it to do a diagonal move (one corner to another of wall features). Unit is mounted about 6 feet from the wall - even when it returns to start position the first time, it's already about 1/2 inch to the right of where I set it.

If I scrub back and forth, both end points start drifting as well.

I guess one wouldn't notice too much in the field, but I'd like my camera to maintain the framing I set for it in the first place - is anyone else experiencing this? I thought the encoders were supposed to be accurate!

Daniel Chen

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Hi Daniel,

If you could please send a short video (like from a cell phone) showing what you are describing to we would be happy to take a look and have our engineers weigh in on what you are seeing as well.

Tim Hiatt

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