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Spacers or Spreaders for the K-FLEX

Hi everyone at Kessler,

I would like to know where can I find SPACERS or SPREADERS to make my tracks correctly separated especially for the curved movements. Even on a simple distant, and even with the 7" Idler Arm, the camera on the K-pod is shaking. It's annoying to not get a smooth mouvement coz my tracks are not regularly separately.

I always set my Flex-Track an hour before filming let it rest.

Where can i find something similar like:

Many thanks for your help



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Sorry we did not respond sooner. For a quicker response, you can send messages direct to our support team at

We actually worked on a system very similar about 7 years ago, but never brought it to market. We have discussed going back to it at some time, if there is enough interest in the product. Right now though, we do not have a solution available for what you are looking for, in regards to the spacers.

In regards to the movement, do you have the Idler Arm on the single leg side? Do you also have the 3' Idler Arm? The 7" Idler Arm is meant for when you want to use the K-Pod on standard 24" wide doorway dolly track, otherwise I would recommend the standard 3' Idler Arm as it tracks along the curves of the track better. Thanks.

Chris Beller

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I'm having the exact same problem.  Is this common?  I see videos online of people using it without issue, but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. The track itself seems to move under the tripod all the time.

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