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Compatable controllers for sliders and motors

I have a 5' Cine Slider and a 50:1 Motor but no controller.
I want to slide and follow a subject accurately ie oack shot for commercial.
Is the second Shooter controller suffient for this task?
I don't need to tilt, just track the product as camera slides.

Dominic Flanagan

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Hi Dominic,

elektraDRIVE motor pods are not compatible with Kessler's digital motion control systems (CineDrive, Second Shooter, Second Shooter Plus). Connecting the motor to one of these systems can actually damage the motor and the controller.

If the motor you have is indeed an elektraDRIVE motor pod (the sticker on the base should indicate the type of motor and the gearing ratio) the compatible controller would be the Oracle:

If you need additional support or have any questions please reach out to us at

Tim Hiatt

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