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Slider length

I'm planning to use Arri alexa mini on a cinedrive. However i need the slider as long as 10ft for the video production. Is there anyway i can archive it with a digital motion control?

Quan Huynh

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Absolutely! Our modular slider systems can be configured at variable lengths. With the CineDrive and larger format camera rigs, I would recommend our new Shuttle Dolly that uses standard speed rail, so you can use whatever length you would like. We will also have our own screw together rail in the near future, for easier transport of longer length runs.

We also have our Shuttle Pod system that you can connect 4' sections of rail together to extend the track as long as you would like.

Here is information about our CineDrive motion control system.

If you have any other questions or need assistance configuring a system, please contact our support team at and we would be happy to help. Thanks

Chris Beller

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