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Kessler Tripod Head

Hey everyone. Recently purchased a pocket jib pro. In addition to the Hercules head, the jib, the tripod, etc - I got the Kessler Tripod head too. However, I'm not sure how to attach my quick release tripod plate to the head. I'm assuming I need the Kessler kwik release receiver & the kwik long camera plate - but wanted to double check before I buy. Any help would be great! I could use my current tripod head, but I really like the Kessler one due to it's great drag performance. The camera I'm using is a c300 Mark 2. Thanks!

Enrico C. Meyer

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HI Enrico -

The Pocket Jib Pro can only be used with the Hercules head or the Swivel Mount to attach to a 100mm bowl tripod. If you would like to mount the jib to our Hercules head using a quick release, then you would need the Kessler Kwik Release Receiver to mount on the the Hercules Head
and the Kessler Utility Plate for the bottom of the jib

And just in case you were not aware of our support area, here is a link to the support documents and videos for the Pocket Jib Pro.

If you need any further assistance, please contact our support team by giving us a call or opening a support ticket.


Chris Beller

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Hi Enrico,

If you are mounting the Pocket Jib Pro onto the Hercules 2.0 Head you will not use a quick release. This video shows how the jib mounts onto the head:

If you are using the Hercules 2.0 Head at the end of the jib arm for mounting your camera you would need to mount a quick release ontop of the head. Our recommendation for the C300 would be the Kwik Release and Kwik Long 3/8"-16 Plate:

Hope this helps, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Tim Hiatt

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