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is smartlapse supposed to be accurate?

i have been testing smartlapse by running the head the full length of the cineslider. i have power set to default 40 on electradrive 500 motor..I have used speed max of 100 and now 70 to create the smartlapses... when i play back the smartlapse at different times the end position of the slider move is never the same as the original smartlapse.. i thought the original move would be followed exactly.. at 30 min its .5 inches past my 1 hour .5 inches before my 2 hour its .75 inches before the mark and 3 hours is 3 inches before my mark... can anyone shed some light on this??
my smartlapse settings are speed max 100 damping .05 deadband LIN 20

Timothy Hagen

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SmartLapse and the elektraDRIVE motor system are a non-encoded motor system. There is no feedback between the motors and controller, so the controller has no way of knowing if the motor is missing its trajectory, and it does not know if anything has changed, since the move was recorded. For example a change in the camera payload or incline of the track. With SmartLapse, the Oracle is recording the motor voltage and then playing back the exact same voltage, assuming everything is exactly the same as when recorded.

For example, if when the camera is manually put back into the "Start" or "Home" position, if it is not exactly where it was for the recording, the play back will be off as well. As long as no variables have changed, the accuracy should be around 97-98%.

Our new motion control system, Second Shooter/Second Shooter Plus and CineDrive use digital encoded motors, so there is constant communication between the motors, providing position data, to the controller to ensure the accuracy of the movement.

If you have further questions or problems, please contact our support team at Thanks!

Chris Beller

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ps.. under simple mode i did a calibration.. the default time was 6M30sec.. no way to make it calibrate longer as i see.. so calibration has been run with revolution head and camera setup.... kessler cineslider/ oracle controller version 3.02..... i appreciate anyones help///

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