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Anyone have experience with a promote control and the second shooter?

I'm looking to buy a second shooter rig, but need to know if it will work with my promote control. I do bulb ramping and have become accustom to using the promote system and want to stay that way. If the second shooter will work with it, that would be great. Does anyone have experience with this?

Jeffrey Geiger

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The Promote will not work with the Second Shooter controller.

The Second Shooter plus has both and input AND output port, so that it can receive a signal from a 3rd party intervalometer. However in my testing with the Promote, I have not had perfectly successful results in bulb ramping mode, receiving triggers from Promote to our SS+.

The SS+ needs to receive a signal from the 3rd party device to let it know, it is ok for the SS+ to initiate the move. With the Promote, I had to use the hot shoe adapter of the bulb ramp assistant kit, then run a PC sync to 2.5mm cable from the PC sync port of the hot shoe to the INPUT port of the SS+. What I found is this would trigger the SS+, but for some reason, it did not seem to reliably send a signal to the SS+ for every frame. So if there were to be 24 images, the SS+ may only get triggered, say 21 times, and I have had that number vary.

I am having discussions with the Promote team, so hopefully in the future they will be able to reliably support the SS+ in bulb ramping mode.

However, at this time, the only bulb ramper, that we have confirmed is completely compatible with both the Second Shooter and Second Shooter Plus, is the RamperPro. Thanks

Chris Beller

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Do you know for certain that the promote control works with the second shooter plus? I know that there are a number of cables that come from the promote control such as the shutter cable and the bulb ramp assistant kit, do those note matter when using with the second shooter plus?

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I just revised the official answer with my personal feedback from my testing of the Promote.

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