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Second Shooter Plus speeds are the same?

I finally have a chance to set up my upgraded controllers and it seems to me that the motors are all still running at the same speed they were with the old second shooter. Should they be able to run faster now or should I have bought new pan and slider units to go with the new controllers?

Toby Angwin

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The hardware is the same, all that changed is the controllers. Yes, with the new SS+ controller it boosts to 24v, so it can achieve a faster speeds than what the SS controller would allow. If you feel you are having a problem, please contact so we can see an example. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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Actually I think they are operating properly. I timed the pan and it seems to be about 43 deg per second. I don't have an old unit to compare it to now.

Is the slider motor speed rated on a slider or is it the same across all devices? I'm certain I'm not getting the 14" per second on the shuttled mini, more like 6-8. BUT I'm beginning to think my main problem is that the slider motor just isn't fast enough for my needs which are mainly live action repeatable moco passes. Ideally I'd like to move it at a walking pace but even if I'm getting 14 inches per second that's not enough.

Toby Angwin 0 votes

This was addressed in our e-mail, but I wanted to put this information here as well, should anyone else be reviewing this.

The Shuttle Pod and Shuttle Pod Mini are not able to utilize the interchangeable small pulley from SS to get the high speed configuration. Because of that we do have this specialty Speed Double motor mount, should you need fast slider movement.

Chris Beller 0 votes