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Variable Height Stand for Slider

I’m a fairly long-time user of KC products. I’ve got numerous; lots of Kwik release systems, KPod tripod, Hercules 2.0 head, PB Pocket Dolly (3’), Second Shooter, etc. I use these products on a regular basis and wouldn’t want to live without any of them.

I thought I’d write you a quick note about a product that I could use and would buy for any reasonable amount of money. I use my slider a lot for both b-roll shots and for interviews. Very often, I use my Second Shooter to get a parallax shot for interviews (and often for products as well.) For product shots and standing interviews I use my Kpod/Hercules system. But for sitting interviews, it’s simply too tall. For most sitting interviews, I’d like the lens to be about the same height off the ground as my subject. When you add the height of the Second Shooter pan/tilt head on the slider, and the minimum height of the Kpod (not to mention the Hercules head) well, you get the drift. I love the stability of being able to put the slider on the Hercules head - and with enough Kwik receivers (which I have) I can quickly go from any configuration to any in short order.

So, here’s what I would LOVE! Some kind of contraption that I could put by slider on and be able to quickly raise and lower the height - maybe with a crank handle? It would have to be low enough (cameral lens height) for typical sitting interview shots, to the height of where the Kpod starts (I can always use the Kpod for higher applications. It would obviously have to be stable enough to hold the slider, second shooter & decent size camera rig. I’m envisioning either a rectangular gizmo or perhaps a very short version of the Kpod. I’m not really fond of using 2 heavy duty light stands to support the slider - having to inch each up or down to get to a perfect height. I love using the slider with my Kpod/Hercules on wheels - very quick to set up and a breeze to move around - just too high for a lot of applications.

I’ve scoured the market for something that would be effective but I just can’t find anything that works well (stable, quick setup/use by 1 person and doesn’t look like crud.)

Anyway, since you’re an exceptional engineering company perhaps you could either recommend something or better yet design something that might be another excellent seller - I’m not the only one with this problem!

Thanks for taking the time to read this request!


Tim Mirande

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Sorry for not posting an official reply sooner. Thanks for sharing your request. We did see it, and it was noted as a product request. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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Thanks for the reply. By way of some additional information, I am now using a fairly heavy-duty keyboard stand for the slider for lower applications. It's not ideal (takes a while to raise and lower and has no good way to secure the slider to the stand) but it gets the job done. Transport is a bit cumbersome as well. As I think more about it, any kind of contraption on which I could mount the Hercules head, would work perfectly - that way I could use my kwik release systems to quickly (and securely) mount the slider to it. As I further think about it, a "low-boy" version of the K-Pod would work pretty well too -- and it would allow me to put the locking wheels on it so it would be easy to more around on-location (as is the full-size K-Pod.) The full-size K-Pod is simply too high for a lot of applications. The lock pockets are great and pretty quick to adjust the height too. Anyway, thanks again for considering it.

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