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DCC for Second Shooter Plus



I am trying to configure the SS+ to work with the DCC. I did connect the SS+ on a Head Rev (Pan and Tilt) and a SS motor for the slider.

The SS+ is connected to the DCC by the expansion port. I do turn everything on, the SS+ on Slave Mode, but the DCC says: MOTORS OFFLINE.

I did upgrade the Firmwares for everything I could. I noticed that the DCC on booting says "DCC for Cinedrive". Should I change mode, did we buy the wrong controller?

- Guilherme

Guilherme Costa

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Hi Guilherme -

The DCC has specific firmware based on the platform you are using it with, CineDrive or SS/SS+. If using with SS/SS+, you will want to install that specific DCC firmware:

Here are the support documents for the DCC as well:

Hope that helps. If you need any further assistance, you can reach our support team at Thanks!

Chris Beller

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I did install the Firmware, but the DCC still shows the the message DCC for Cinedrive. I don't understand what is going on.

There is any way to do a factory reset on the DCC and start over?

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