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Obvious vibrations in the keessler cineslider

Hello everyone

I recently purchased a Cineslider slider with 3 feet of distance and accessories for camera mounting. The cup for 100mm and its adapter to 75 mm and I detect that the us with the slider always generates me quite evident vibrations, I am using in my configuration a SOny FS5 + Head Schatler Xl + Samyang prime objectives quite light weight. In all configurations I notice these vibrations, but every time I use more telephoto lenses the vibrations are pronounced more and more.

Know that I can be doing wrong ?, I understand that being a slider that supports a lot that should not be obvious vibrations.

I look forward to your answers.

Yago Cobian Alvarez

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Hello Yago -

Please contact our support team at so we can work with you to determine what is happening.A photo of you setup and video example would be helpful as well. Thanks!

Chris Beller

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