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Mag Pack won't fully charge

I'm having an issue with my MagPacks where none of them will fully charge. I have three batteries and two different chargers (both from Kessler, just different looking) and all permutations of which battery with which charger result in the same problem. Of the three green lights it will only ever charge to two. This is even after leaving it charging for an 8-10hr period. Only had the batteries for about 12-15 months. Do they have a really short lifespan?

Ellyce M

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Hi Ellyce -

This is most likely just a case of the reference meter on the battery not displaying accurately. If you are using the proper charger and the LED on the charger pack turns green, that is notification the battery is charged. The reference meter on the battery can sometimes be inaccurate especially when fully charged. The accuracy of the meter increases as the charge or the battery goes down during use.

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Chris Beller

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