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Battery Power for CineDrive

I have an older CineDrive system that includes the CineSlider.  I haven't charged our Lead Acid battery in years, so I"m certain it's dead.  I'm looking at the website and have not found any batteries and assume both the one I have and the LiFo battery are no longer carried.  So.....

If I knew how many volts the system needs and how many amps it draws, I bet I could power it with some of the LiPo batteries from our drones.  

Any data on that?


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Andy Post

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Hello Andy, 


Here is the operational voltage range for  CineDrive: 

• 11.9VDC MIN to 16VDC MAX

Amperage draw will vary depending on the CineDrive system configuration, payloads, and the type of move the system is being used to complete. The AC power supply for CineDrive is 12v 5A with a 7A surge. A battery should be able to supply the same power or you may encounter system errors.

Tim Hiatt

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