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CineSlider Timing Problem

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I've just updated all the firmware, motor profiles and all that and have a BIG problem.  

I have a move that I need to happen in 6 seconds.  I know that before the update it was possible, but now it's telling me I need like 18 seconds to do the move.  

So, I shut it all down, recalibrated the axis and tried this method.

Put the slider at a starting position and record a key frame

Move the timeline slider to the other end of the chart.  My timeline is set for 6 seconds.  

Slide it as far as it will go in setup in 6 seconds...record a key frame

When I hit "load" it tells me it needs 14 seconds to do the move. I know that's just nonsense as it just completed the move in what SHOULD be half speed during setup.  

What is going on?

Andy Post

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In addition, now that it's told me I need to increase the time to 15 seconds, the dashed line on the slider axis has turned solid...but it still won't load the move.  

Can I downgrade all this nonsense and get back to work?  The firmware updates didn't fix any of the glitches I was hoping it would


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