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Shuttle Pod Mini / Second Shooter and Red Epic

Hi there,

I have a shuttle pod mini and I'm considering buying a second shooter with three axis moco to add to it (Ie. Second Shooter Bundle - Complete).

From what I can tell (based off the specs), this should support a camera up to 10 lb in any setup (whether it is a vertical dolly move, or moco tilt etc). Is this correct?

I want to use a stripped down Red Epic-W with this rig (call me crazy). With external power to the camera, I can get the weight down to 8.1 pounds. Will the rig actually handle the full 10 lb capacity or am I misunderstanding something? Every photo/video I can find only has a DSLR on it. Are there any examples of people using the rig in the higher weight ranges? 

(Ps. I need a system I can hike into the mountains for adventure style filmmaking, but one that can support the Red Epic-W. Otherwise, I'd be looking at the shuttle dolly/shuttle pod)

Thanks in advance!


Ant Fallon

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Hi Ant -

I am converting this to a support ticket so our team can assist you with your questions.

Chris Beller

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