VIDEO: K-Pod Quick Start

About the K-Pod

The K-Pod System and Hercules Head were initially designed as a support solution for the KC Complete Systems. However, they are now used for multiple configurations when shooting.

What makes the K-Pod unique is it’s double strut legs with incremental lock pockets. The lock pockets allow you to equally position the legs while providing a lock that will not slip. The system also has a pop-lock spreader system that locks the legs in a pre-stressed position to eliminate instability in heavy load conditions, and acts as the frame system for the various dolly configurations. The weight capacity of this system is 500lbs so you can pretty much mount anything you could think of to the K-Pod.

The K-Pod also has interchangeable wheel and foot options depending on your shot requirements or configuration. It comes with standard pad feet but you can also purchase the dual locking dolly caster wheels, dual locking “all-terrain” wheels, stainless steel spikes, and swivelling track dolly trucks. There are are two different size idler arms — the 3″ and the 7″. The 7″ allows you to bring the dolly truck in so it can be used on standard 24″ dolly track.

How to Use the K-Pod

Adjusting the height of the K-Pod is simple. Simply loosen the screws so they are out of the lock pockets and adjust the legs to the height you desire. Once you have extended the legs, tighten the screw knobs. Repeat for the other two legs. To lower, loosen the screws and lower the legs. Now to collapse the system, simply lift up on the pop-lock spreader and place in the bag.

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