HOW-TO: Mounting a Pocket Jib Traveler to a Tripod

The Pocket Jib Traveler can be mounted to a tripod in a few different ways.


Here is a picture of the mounting base:


The center 3/8"-16 female hole allows the Pocket Jib Traveler to be mounted directly to a tripod with that size stud, or to our 100mm ball kit.

The 100mm ball kit can be mounted to any tripod that has a 100mm bowl, or a tripod that has a 75mm bowl with leveling locked out.  That is when mounted to a 75mm bowl the ball kit cannot be leveled independently from the tripod legs and all leveling adjustment would need to be done by adjusting the height of your tripod's legs.


You can also mount a quick release plate to the (2) 1/4"-20 threaded female holes on the base of the Pocket Jib Traveler. Once the quick release plate is attached you would then slide it onto the head like you would a camera. You will just want to make sure that whatever you are mounting the Pocket Jib Traveler to is rated for the weight that you will be putting on it.


The Pocket Jib Traveler was designed to be used with our Kessler Kwik Release system and our new Kwik Mini Plate to allow for quick assembly and dissassembly:

(available as an add-on option for the Pocket Jib Traveler in the tripod mount drop down)


The Kessler Kwik Release receiver has 3/8"-16 threaded female holes that allow it to be mounted to a standard tripod stud. It can also be mounted to our 100mm ball mount for use with a bowl style tripod.


The 100mm ball mount functions the same way as the 100mm ball kit in that it can be mounted to a 100mm bowl, or a 75mm bowl with leveling locked out. However, it has female threaded holes that allow equipment to be mounted securely to it (motorized heads, sliders, the Kwik Release receiver, etc.).




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