VIDEO: Mounting a Slider to the Pocket Jib

In this video, Preston shows how to attach a slider to the top of the Pocket Jib.

This is the same process used to mount a slider to the Pocket Jib Pro.

The Pocket Jib is designed for mounting a Pocket Dolly or Cineslider to the top. This creates an all-in-one production tool.  The only camera sliders that can not be mounted to the Pocket Jib or Pocket Jib PRO are the 5ft CineSlider, Shuttle Pod, and Shuttle Pod Mini

1. Locate the pre-installed Dolly/Slider mounting brackets and 4 stainless steel screws.
2. Remove the two (2) round top stain- less steel screws. One from each side. Leave the flat, countersunk screws in place.
3. Place the dolly/slider on top of the Pocket Jib and align the mounting holes on each end. Re-insert the two (2) round top stainless steel screws and tighten securely.
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