VIDEO: Hercules 2.0 Head Quick Start

About the Hercules Head

Before the Hercules Head, you needed to purchase a tripod head that was between $1,000-$1,500 if you wanted to properly support the original Kessler Crane. This just didn’t make sense because in most cases, the cost of the crane was less than the cost of your tripod head. As a result, Kessler developed an affordable solution for supporting the crane. Whether used in conjunction with the K-Pod or other legs, the Hercules Head is a great way to mount sliders, cranes and jibs.

There are a few unique features of this system as well. It uses a bio glide technology for extremely smooth pan and tilt movement and spring assisted drag control for fine tune adjusting. Two other things also make the head unique. It has a weight capacity is 150lbs and you are also able to lock the tilt. By removing the lock pin from the head and placing it in the locking position, you can turn the head into a Fluid Swivel™. The head has a built-in bullseye level and a positionable handle. Like most other Kessler gear, it also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

How to Install the Hercules Head

Installing the head onto the K-Pod is very similar to how you would mount any head. Simply loosen the knob on the bottom and remove the washer. Drop the head onto the K-Pod and then if you want to lock off the head, attached the washer flat side up. If you want to be able to level the head, simply attach the washer flat side down and tighten the knob.

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