HOW-TO: Motorizing The CineSlider

Note: elektraDRIVE Motors are shown below, however the process is the same with all of our motion control systems.

Remove the plastic knob from the drag control and set aside.

Remove the aluminum plate being careful not to loose the plastic washer in the top. Store this in a safe place. You will not need it for the motion control setup. Leave the spring on the drive shaft.

Slide the aluminum motor mount over the drive shaft hub and tighten the black ratchet screw on the side.

Slide the elektraDRIVE belt wheel over the drive shaft and replace the plastic knob removed in Step 1.

Loosely insert the two (2) black thumb screws into the bottom of the elektraDRIVE motor of choice.

Slide the motor assembly onto the motor mount and pull the belt over the belt wheel.

Apply tension to the elektraDRIVE motor so the drive belt does not have any slack. Tighten the two (2) thumbscrews to secure the motor.

Connect your motion control unit such as the Basic Controller or ORACLE.

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