Digital Jog Control Firmware for Second Shooter Plus

Release Date: February 14, 2018

NOTE: Digital Jog Control (DJC) firmware for Second Shooter Plus (SS+) and CineDrive are stand-alone, meaning you can install firmware on the DJC to work with either the SS+ or with CineDrive. The firmware on this page is for use with SS+.



Change Log 

Release notes for Digital Jog Control for Second Shooter Plus

  • Initial release of Digital Jog Control Firmware
  • Compatible with Second Shooter Plus Firmware



NOTE: Jog Control must be externally powered during the firmware update process, do not power down the unit at any time during the process.

  1. Set the power togle switch to EXT/BAT CHG on the top of the unit.
  2. Connect a USB micro Type A cable to the port on the top (antenna side) of the Jog Control.
  3. Connect the USB Type A connector of the cable to the computer’s USB port.
  4. While holding down the C Button, plug in the external power source via the 5.5mm EXT PWR port on the bottom of the unit. Hold down the C Button for 10 full seconds. Once the LEDs stop blinking, you have connected the Jog Control to the computer. “JOGWHEEL” s should now show up as a drive on your computer.
  5. Unzip the firmware file, then drag and drop the JogWheel.IMG file into the root of the “JOGWHEEL” drive.

    NOTE: JogWheel.IMG is not a file that your computer can open. It simply should be moved to the “JOGWHEEL” drive.

  6. The firmware file is now writing to the Jog Control’s memory, which may take 10 second or more. While writing the lights on the bottom of the front of the unit (wheel side) will flash.
  7. Once the lights have stopped flashing, it is safe to eject/unmount the “JOGWHEEL” drive from your computer.
  8. Disconnect the USB Micro Type A cable from the Jog Control.
  9. Unplug the Jog Controller from your external power supply.
  10. At this point, you may power the Jog Control from the internal battery or from the external power supply.
  11. Turn on the Jog Control and wait at least 10-15 seconds for the LED lights to turn on.
  12. Once the LED lights are on the Digital Jog Control is updated and ready to use.

    NOTE: Make sure the LED lights on the Digital Jog Control are on before power power cycling The Second Shooter Plus (and Slave Controller if used).
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