HOW-TO: Mounting a Camera to Your Slider

Fixed Mount

You can mount your camera directly to the cart of the slider using a quick release system.

Kwik Release

  1. Using the provided hardware attach the kwik release receiver to the slider cart.
  2. Snap your camera into place.
  3. Once the red bar on the kwik release is snapped tight, close the rear locking lever to secure the plate firmly.


Adjustable Prior to Move

Low Profile Ball Head

Adjust the position of your camera before you begin your move for fixed positioning.

  1. If you want to be able to level your camera or angle it prior to the move, simply attach a low profile ball head to your slider cart by tightening the lower grey handle.
  2. Then attach the kwik release receiver to the top of the low profile ball head.
  3. Snap your camera into place.
  4. Once the red bar on the kwik release is snapped tight, close the rear locking lever to secure the plate firmly.
  5. With the addition of our multi-angle mounting plate in conjunction with the low profile ball head you can use either a 45 or 90 degree angle configuration.


HD Angle Plate

The HD Angle Plate is ideal for mounting heavy cameras or motion control heads to Kessler sliders. 


The HD Angle Plate can be mounted either directly onto the slider cart or can be mounted using a Kwik Release and Kwik Utility Plate for tool less set up/ tear down. 

1) Place the included 1/4"-20 countersunk screws through the countersunk holes in the base of the HD Angle Plate and tighten with a 5/32 size allen wrench.

NOTE- if your HD Angle Plate is the version with the swivel base you may need to release the swivel lock in order to align the pass through holes with the holes in the base. 


2) Your camera can be mounted directly to the HD Angle Plate using the included 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 camera screws or you can also use these screws to attach a Kwik Release. 





Learn more about the HD Angle Plate here



Adjustable During the Move

Flat Mount Adapter

For use with flat mount style tripod heads

  1. Screw the flat mount adapter into the slider cart.
  2. Screw your tripod head onto the flat mount adapter

Now you can pan or tilt while doing a slider move.


High Hat

For use with half ball style tripod heads

  1. Place the high hat on the tripod head as shown.
  2. Place the included cup washer on the stud underneath the bowl and tighten the threaded knob.
  3. The base plate of the 100mm High Hat has 4 clearance holes that line up with 4 threaded holes on the cart - use the included thumb screws to attach the High Hat to the cart.


Ball Relocator

Decreases camera height when using a ball mounted tripod head by offsetting the bowl from the slider track.

  1. Attach the ball relocator to the slider cart using the included hardware adjusting all incrementally until all are snug.
  2. Then place your tripod head into the ball relocator as shown.
  3. Place the included cup washer on the stud underneath the bowl and tighten the threaded knob.

This is useful for overhead slider shots looking straight down. You can also use it to pan and tilt.

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