HOW-TO: HD Angle Plate - Quick Start

Mounting a Camera

  1. Use the included 1/4"-20 and/or 3/8"-16 camera screws to mount your camera to the top of the plate.
  2. Tighten with the included 5/32" allen wrench.


Mounting to a Slider

  1. Loosen the 4 indexing levers and tilt the platform to reveal the 6 pass-through holes for mounting.
  2. Unlock the swivel lock and rotate the base to until you can see all 6 countersunk holes through the 6 pass-through holes.
  3. Line up the 4 holes (shown below) with the 4 holes on the slider cart.
  4. Use the included (4) 1/4"-20 countersunk screws and 5/32" allen wrench to mount the HD Angle Plate to the slider cart.



Low Angle Locking Levers

  1. If in a low angle, tighten the front levers (shown) as well as the rear levers for the best performance.


Indexing Levers

  1. To reposition the levers, pull out/away from the base of the knob and spin in either direction. You are now able to tighten or loosen the knob without interference. Repeat if necessary.

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    Adam Peariso

    I noticed that if you get the swivel attachment that in order to attached a release plate you need to use two 1/4 screws instead of one 1/4 and one 3/8 screw like with most other products.

    The reason I wanted to attached a Kwik Release Plate to the HD Angle Plate was because with it attached to the CineSlider the slider no longer fits in the soft or hard case. So I'd rather be able to attached and detach it quickly rather than screwing in 4 screws every time I need to use the plate.

    Hope I'm not missing something and attaching the HD Angle Plate to a Kwik Release Plate is a bad idea.

  • Avatar
    Tim Hiatt

    Hi Adam, Our recommended configuration is actually to mount the HD Angle Plate onto a Kwik Utility Plate and a Kwik Release Receiver onto your slider cart allowing the quick set up/tear down that you are looking for. The screws used in step 4 above can be used to connect the two together.

  • Avatar

    Hi Tim, any chance Kessler could include visual instructions on how to mount the HD angle plate onto a kwik utility plate? The two plates don't seem to line up in a way that you can use the 4 screws as suggested.

  • Avatar
    Tim Hiatt

    Hi Jeff,

    No problem, I just double checked which holes line up correctly, they are marked with the arrows in the photo in this link.




  • Avatar
    Christopher Anderson

    If you want to mount a Kwik Release Plate to the top of the HD Angle Plate for your camera, which holes do you use on both the Kwik Release and the Angle Plate? Please provide a picture. BTW you guys would save a lot of customer frustration if you showed an illustration in your instructions of all the types of attachments instead of nebulous instructions like "use the included screws to attach..."

  • Avatar
    Tim Hiatt

    Hi Christopher,

    We generally just use the camera screws that come with the HD Angle Plate threaded into the bottom of the Kwik Release Receiver.

    Since there are two screws as long as you use two of the threaded holes down the center of the release that match the screw's size it will be on the HD angle Plate Straight and tight, any two of those holes will work.

    Here are two photos with a Kwik Release mounted this way.