HOW-TO: Mounting The Pocket Jib Pro Using The Hercules Head

The Pocket Jib Pro can be mounted to the optional Hercules pan/tilt Head.

Although the Jib does not have a tilting function, you may desire to upgrade to the Hercules Head add-on so that you can mount a camera, or other Kessler Products to your tripod system.

Steps for Mounting the Pocket Jib Pro to the Hercules Head:
1. Install the Hercules Head as usual and move the locking pin to prevent the Hercules Head from tilting.
2. Align the Pocket Jib so the side of the jib is in line with the side of the Hercules Head.
3. Using two (2) 1/4” diameter thumb screws, attach the Pocket Jib to the Hercules head using the middle thread holes.

This Process is the same for the Pocket Jib.
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