HOW-TO: Mounting The Pocket Jib Pro Using The Swivel Mount

Exclusive to the Pocket Jib Pro, our Swivel Mount provides great jib support in a compact package.

Please note that the Swivel Mount is only able to mount the Pocket Jib and Pocket Jib Pro.

Steps for mounting the Pocket Jib to the Swivel Mount:
1. Insert the Swivel Mount into the 100mm bowl of the K-Pod (or other heavy duty tripod rated for the weight of the jib and camera setup).
2. Install the cup washer and handle to the bottom of the Swivel Mount. Note, mount the washer flat side up if you do not want the head to tilt in the bowl (recommended).
3. Remove the two (2) plastic knobs on the Swivel Mount top and lower the Pocket Jib over any two of the diagonal corner holes.
4. While supporting the jib, replace the two (2) plastic knobs and secure.
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