HOW-TO: Mounting a Camera

Using the Provided Camera Screw

Step 1 - 

Mount the camera to the top of the tilt axis by screwing the provided camera screw into the bottom of your camera.



Using a Kessler Kwik Release

Step 1 -

Remove/unscrew the provided camera screw from the tilt platform.

Step 2 -

Mount the Kwik Release Receiver to the top of the tilt axis by bolting (2) 1/4"-20 countersunk screws through the receiver and into the tilt platform. Use a 5/32" allen key.

Step 3 -

Mount the desired camera plate to the bottom of your camera. [Kwik SHORT Camera Plate (3/8"-16) is shown below]

Step 4 -

Install the camera into the receiver and lock into place with lever.


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