HOW-TO: Motorizing The Shuttle Pod

Note: elektraDRIVE Motors are shown below, however the process is the same with all of our motion control systems.

Locate the drive belt, two end clamps, mounting plate/belt pulley, and two (2) 3/4” fine thread thumb screws.

Insert the belt into the mounting plate/belt pulley.

Using the 3/4” fine thread thumb screws, attach the mounting plate/belt pulley to the corresponding holes on top of the Shuttle Pod Carriage. Keep the belt to the inside of the Shuttle Pod track.

Install a clamp at one end of the Shuttle Pod track. The tightening knob should be on the bottom and the clamp should be on the inside of the track.

Loosen the belt gripper on top of the clamp. Insert the drive belt and tighten.

Repeat the process on the opposite end of the track. Pull the belt tight before tightening the belt gripper.

Once the belt is installed, you can loosen one of the clamps on the track and slide it as necessary to adjust belt tension.

Locate two (2) 1/2” fine thread thumb screws.

Loosely insert the screws into the ElektraDRIVE motor

Slide the motor into the mounting plate.

Pull the motor belt over the mounting plate’s pulley and then left the motor up to create tension on belt.

Tighten the two (2) thumbs screws to secure the motor in place.


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