HOW-TO: Installing Shuttle Pod Keeper/Grabber Wheels

1. Locate one of the two Keeper/Grabber Wheel Skirts and one of the four Dogbone connectors.


2. Place the Dogbone connectors into one of the end windows of the Wheel Skirt.


3. Locate one of the eight rectangular t-shaped nuts.



4. Place the t-shaped nut in the corresponding area (shown below)


5. Locate one of the eight 1/4"-20 knobs


6. Screw the 1/4"-20 knob into the t-shaped nut from the front side of the Wheel Skirt.


7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the remaining three Dogbone connectors.


8. Once all Dogbone connectors have been installed to the Keeper/Grabber Wheel Skirts, make sure the Shuttle Pod Cart is assembled complete (shown below)


9. Place the one of the two Keeper/Grabber assemblies into the outside windows of the upper Wheel Skirts.


10. Locate one of the remaining four 1/4"-20 knobs and one of the remaining four t-shaped nuts to mount the Keeper/Grabber Wheel Skirts.


11. Repeat steps 9-10 for the top Dogbone connections.

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