VIDEO: Second Shooter - Overview

Second Shooter Tutorial from Kessler Crane on Vimeo.

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    Great to see it in action, looks easy to use and robust. Any chance of a joystick of some kind coming into play for this puppy? It would be great to allow real time responsiveness when operating video moves with the unit.
    Maybe a single controller with two joysticks to enable track, pan and tilt on the one device. Maybe even a smartphone app to achieve this would be sweet, would sell like hot cakes! ;) Also wondering if you can simply set the duration of the event (you're photographing) in time-lapse mode directly rather than having to choose how many photos it takes to get your desired event duration? Might be a simpler and faster way to choose your event duration coupled with your final shot duration. Be great if it also showed you (in mins and secs - as well as frames) how long your final shot will be, this would save users having to calculate based on dividing by the number of frames. I'm only suggesting this as another device I have does this and it makes for fast work in the field. Great product though.

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    Cameron Sprinkle

    Wanted to post this solution case anyone else had this issue:

    While programming a move my Second Shooter kept stopping suddenly and displaying "Fault: Tracking Error". I re-adjusted and examined the belts and pulleys and whatnot before finally wondering if it had to do with the fact that I hadn't charged the Bescor battery in a while. I plugged in the AC adapter, straight into a wall outlet, and it didn't give me that error anymore.