HOW-TO: Update CineDrive Firmware via a SD card

In situations where the automated firmware update process is unsuccessful, the brain’s firmware can be updated using a SD card and following the procedure below.


Please Note: 32GB is the largest capacity SD card that can be used. We recommend using 1GB - 8GB for best performance. The SD card also needs to be formatted to FAT32. 


1. Make sure no cables are connected to the CineDrive Brain. Connect only the power cord to the Brain and allow to fully power up.  Because no motors or MCBs are attached, the Brain will end up with flashing Red LEDs.

2. Insert a blank SD card into the Brain’s SD card slot as shown. The Brain will begin a red/green/blue LED flash sequence (Disco Mode). After approximately 30 seconds, the Brain will change to a blue only LED sequence accompanied by a beep every 2 seconds. This step creates the file structure needed and saves on the SD card.

3. Remove (eject) the SD card from the Brain and then insert the SD card into your computer or device in preparation for copying of the firmware to the SD card. Verify the SD card file structure is as follows: KESSLER/CINEDRIVE/FIRMWARE

4. Save the firmware binary file to the FIRMWARE folder on the SD card and verify the following file structure exists on the SD card. Note- The binary filename will be for the intended firmware update- not necessarily for the example shown.

Example: KESSLER/CINEDRIVE/FIRMWARE/CineDrive_3_0_2_12.bin

5. Remove the SD card from your computer or device and once again insert into the Brain’s SD card slot. The Brain should still be powered up from the steps above, with no cables attached, other than the power cable.

6. The Brain will begin the Disco Mode LED flash sequence. The Brain will change to a blue only LED sequence accompanied by a beep every 2 seconds after approximately 2 to 2-1/2 minutes. This step loads the new firmware on the brain.

7. Remove (eject) the SD card from the Brain. The Brain will reboot, going through Disco Mode LED flash sequence and end up flashing Red LEDs, because no motors are attached.

8. Plug all control cables for MCBs, pan/tilt head, etc, back into the Brain.

9. The Brain is now ready to use wirelessly. To use the brain wired Ethernet connection- it must be powered down, the Ethernet cable connected and powered back up.

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