HOW-TO: Convert CineDrive Turntable to CineDrive Pan & Tilt Head

Converting to Pan

Step 1

Remove Turntable Degree Indicator from the Turntable brick using the 3/16” allen 

Step 2

Remove four screws holding the turntable degree wheel using 5/32” allen wrench.

Step 3 (optional)

If your Turntable has a Turntable Mounting Bracket or Turntable Mounting Hub installed, you will need to uninstall it by removing the 4 screws shown below using the 3/16" allen.


Step 4

Replace degree wheel with square pan mounting hub as shown. Note- position of cutout relative to cutout portion of hub. Tighten securely.


Mounting to Tilt

Step 1

Position Tilt brick to Pan brick as shown. Secure bricks together as shown (tilt brick is positioned “highest”) using three ¼-20 x 1-1/2” flathead fasteners as shown using a 5/32” allen wrench. Tighten securely.

Step 2
Attach 8” control cable between pan and tilt connector ports


Axis Label Name Change (required for proper GigaPixel mode operation)

Step 1

Within kOS, change “Turntable” axis label name to “Pan” using appropriate method depending on device platform being used.

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